André 3000 Rapping Over Tyler, the Creator Beats is a Perfect Union

DJ Critical Hype has released a new blend tape called ANDRE. The tape features André 3000 rapping over Tyler, the Creator beats.

André 3000 and Tyler, the Creator have never done a song together, which is a shame. The two artists have a lot of strengths and would make good music together.

So we are grateful for the work that DJ Critical Hype has done. 

Critical Hype is known for his blend tapes, with the last being the epic J. Cole and Neptunes blend tape In Search Of…Cole. Critical Hype is back with another; this time the DJ is combining André 300 vocals with Tyler, the Creator production

The tape is fittingly called ANDRE — paying homage to Tyer’s last album IGOR. And what’s really cool about this tape is there is unreleased instrumentals from Tyler. The tape premiered on Pigeons and Planes on Wednesday. Critical Hype spoke to Pigeons and Planes about the making of the tape, which took 10 months. One of the cool things is that Tyler was totally cool with it dropping and in fact sent Critical Hype unreleased instrumentals he could use:

“I released the cover art on my social media and dropped a couple short snippets, and I guess Tyler heard about it somehow. In July he DMed me on Twitter out the blue and said, “Dude where the fuck is the andre igor.” He sent me two unreleased beats from IGOR—“WHAT’S GOOD” and “A BOY IS A GUN*”—and has been mad cool. It’s so dope that he reached out to a DJ and showed love, DJs don’t get the love we deserve nowadays. Still blows my mind that I’ve been talking to him. I know he’s probably busy as fuck so I really appreciate how helpful he’s been.” 

A couple of years ago, Critical Hype announced he wanted to do a blend tape with André 3000 rapping over Kaytranada production. However, that never came to fruition. In the interview he explained why:

“A couple years ago I was planning on flipping André 3000 vocals on Kaytranada beats so I talked to Kaytranada’s manager and label about the project and they seemed cool with it but after working on it for three to four months they said they didn’t want me to release it anymore so I had to respect that.”

Check out ANDRE below.

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