Listen As Amy León Creates A Safe Space For All On “On the Run” Single [Premiere]

Listen As Amy León Creates A Safe Space For All On “On the Run” Single [Premiere]

Listen As Amy León Creates A Safe Space For All On “On the Run” Single

Source: Amy León

The newest signee to IMG Records, Amy León, attempts to analyze the craziness in our world and create a safe space for you and me with “On the Run”.

Times are extremely out of wack, America, and it is more and more becoming apparent that we (see: black-and-brown people) are under attack. The police get acquitted after killing us (ahem, Alton Sterling and Stephon Clark), while President Agent Orange is out here having a scandal-a-day with no repercussions. Hell, that’s going on, yet a black woman who didn’t know her right to vote was taken away has now been sentence to five years in prison. All of these stressors and fights for survival is enough to give anyone extreme PTSD and for that, Amy León acknowledges the harsh realities and aims to create a safe space with her EP, Witness, and its first single, “On the Run,” which was produced by ATELLER.

Billed as an “ethereal love song with a twist,” Amy pours her heart out about black and brown bodies not being safe in this world, needing to get away from all the ills of the world and falling into the safety of love and respect. According to a release, “On the Run” was inspired by the singer-songwriter’s fear that her future love, father, friend, kin, any black and brown person “might not even make it home.” Politically charged, romantically defiant and summing up the experiences that black-and-brown people have been going through for hundreds and hundreds of years. “There is a history of this,” Amy said in a recently shared press release.

“On the Run,” as mentioned is the first single from Witness, Amy’s seven-track sophomore EP which is due out this summer. Told from her perspective as a survivor of abuse inside the New York City foster care system, Witness is her testimony put to melody and will surely grab you by the heartstrings and make you feel her story. “I wrote ‘On the Run’ during a time of excruciating tension,” Amy told us exclusively. “Alton Sterling and Philando Castile had just been murdered and my spirit didn’t quite understand how to feel safe in my body.”

“‘On the Run’ was an attempt to write myself into a safe space. It is an odyssey of love. It is about the overwhelming fear of loving a black body as a black body. It analyzes the cyclical madness that has made this history of violence all we know to expect. We did not come here as slaves, we were made into them. There was a time before this, before the theft of limbs and melody, before the constant bloodshed, a time when we were free, free enough to live, to love unapologetically. My hope was that this song could take us there, or at least remind us that this time and place existed before and will again. I was born “on the run” and will not rest until I wake to a morning without mourning.”

Listen to “On the Run” below and be sure to circle April 6 on your calendar as Amy will be playing at Harlem’s iconic Apollo Theater on that date.

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