Alchemist is Teasing Another New Project and It's Dropping This Month
Alchemist is Teasing Another New Project and It's Dropping This Month
Source : Instagram

Alchemist Shares 'The Food Villain' Album Tracklist, Official Artwork

The Food Villain arrives on October 25th.

On Tuesday, Alchemist revealed the artwork and tracklist for his long-awaited upcoming album The Food Villain. The album will feature guest appearances from Action Bronson and Big Body Bes.

Over the last few weeks, the producer has been previewing the project on Instagram, offering little to no details. He did, however, glimpse a coloring book component to The Food Villain, illustrated by E$, whose Instagram page has a few hints and a strange backstory for the collaboration.

"[Alchemist] has been forcibly removed from 8 Michelin 3-Star restaurants. One time he beat up Wolfgang Puck in a dice game. Julia Childs thought he had a tasteless palate but found him to be a generous lover. After bearing witness to his disdain for fine dining and overall merriment, TV god and chef extraordinaire  [Chris Grosso] dubbed Al, 'The Food Villain.' Al hit me up and said he wanted to do something with this idea," the illustrator wrote in a post earlier this week.

So it's still unclear whether the producer's dropping a tape with a coloring book or vice versa. But whatever it is, The Food Villain is set to arrive on October 25th, putting another one on the belt after releasing the experimental beat tape, A Doctor, A Painter, & an Alchemist Walk Into a Bar, just a few weeks back.

Watch the teasers and assemble the clues for the next Alchemist project below. Keep an eye on his Instagram for updates in the days ahead.

The Alchemist - The Food Villain (Tracklist)

  1. Alan
  2. The Angry Guy
  3. Not Culinarily Inclined
  4. Who Eats Wings Like That?
  5. A Villainous Person
  6. Cheese is Overrated
  7. Lamb Sauce
  8. Flavor Break-thrus
  9. I Hate Everything (Feat. Action Bronson)
  10. Afterschool
  11. Skeptical About Goat
  12. Blowing Your Mind Out
  13. Cigarette Drum Machine
  14. This Isn't Good
  15. Definition
  16. Islamic Excellence (Feat. Big Body Bes)