New Zealand’s Alayna Redefines “Mellow Moods” With Her New Single “Sweet Soul” [Premiere]

New Zealand’s Alayna Redefines “Mellow Moods” With Her New Single “Sweet Soul” [Premiere]

New Zealand’s Alayna Redefines “Mellow Moods” With Her New Single “Sweet Soul” [Premiere]

Source: Alayna

New Zealand to New York transplant Alayna shares her gift of perspective and romance on her new single “Sweet Soul,” which was produced by Beewirks.

Twenty-something-year-old Alayna Powley, better known only by her first name, has been a burgeoning phenomenon since she was six-years-old. Born in Rotorua, New Zealand, Alayna has since relocated to the big city of dreams, New York, where she has had her fair share of experiences that led to this melodious effort known as “Sweet Soul”.

“‘Sweet Soul’ was a song that kind of came out of nowhere,” explains Alayna, who wrote the song as a note to herself. “I was getting way too anxious about the future, about what my purpose is, who I really am. And I just needed to forget it all for a bit and for someone to tell me it’s going to be okay. I wanted to try and remember where my younger self’s headspace was, where nothing was too big to overcome and that anything can be fixed. I found that I can find that sweetness in people too, a few moments in my life I’ve just needed to sit with someone and talk until we drift off somewhere else. Sometimes you just want to hear something good.”

And good is exactly what “Sweet Soul” is. Perfect for this springtime weather we’re having, Alayna crafts a mellow mood for those who love to bask in the sun, share a drink, and just vibe. Produced by Beeswirk, “Sweet Soul” is lyrically inspired by giants such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, while Beeswirk gives Alayna some depth, texture and color to float over—redefining what it means to make a mood in the 21st century.

“He lightened up the concept into something vibey that I really love,” says Alayna. “The song came together so naturally and fun. [It] is a short, sharp burst of feeling. It feels like a slap in the face. But in a good way.”

Listen as Alayna continues to hone her craft, showcase her impressive skills, and takes listeners to new levels on the cut “Sweet Soul,” which you can press play on below.

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