Watch this Action Bronson Interview Get Uncomfortable After Ghostface Killah is Mentioned

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Four years ago, Action Bronson and Ghostface Killah had a tense back and forth. During an interview on ESPN’s SportsNation, Bronson balked at being compared to Ghostface. The legendary rapper didn’t take kindly to the discussion.

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The two soon squashed their issues. But it still seems like it’s a sore spot for Bronson. The Queens-rapper recently appeared on Barstool Sports’ KFC Radio. During the interview, one of the hosts, John Feitelberg, asked Bronson about what celebrities he would introduce to aliens.

The other host, Kevin Clancy, asked if he would pick Ghostface. And that seemed to really tick off the rapper:

Why would we want to send him there? That’s fuckin’ ridiculous, bro. I bet you think that’s really cute, right, that you brought that up … That’s fuckin’ stupid.

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Sensing that things got off the rails, Clancy tried to ask about Pusha-T vs. Drake. Bronson responded by saying: “I don’t know about nothing. I don’t like beef. I keep my nose clean and dirty.”

Then, after being asked a wrestling question, Bronson said “I’d like to slam you through a fuckin’ wall.”

Check out the awkward exchange below.

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