Aaron Abernathy Honors #MLK50 With His Latest Video “Generation”

Aaron Abernathy Honors #MLK50 With His Latest Video “Generation”

Aaron Abernathy Honors #MLK50 With His Latest Video “Generation”

Source: Aaron Abernathy

Aaron Abernathy pays respect to the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death with “Generation,” his latest video from the Dialogue album.

Aaron Abernathy is a cherished commodity here at Okayplayer. Not only is a multi-talented entertainer and an Ohio original (shoutout to NE Ohio!), but he is also a descendant of true historical pioneers. A member of the storied Abernathy family—think the late Civil Rights Leader, Rev. Ralph Abernathy—and a graduate of the same high school music program as Gerald Levert and Aaron is rooted in the fight against injustice while sharpening his skills as a touring musician.

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For today, which marks the 50th year without Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the frontlines with us, Aaron decided to pay tribute to the late advocate for peace through song. That song is the lead single “Generation,” from his latest solo album, Dialogue, which follows his 2016 effort Monologue. Much like King, Aaron has dedicated his life to sharing gems and jewels for those who are coming up, and has shared social commentary to the overall masses. “Generation” presents the listener with a collage of history merged with present day struggle, showcasing the similarities that black-and-brown Americans still go through.

Following in his grand-uncle’s footsteps, Aaron Abernathy aims to engage the people and fight from the trenches against the issues we still face today, while seeking equality for all Americans through song. In addition to “Generation,” Aaron is also releasing another new single, “East of The River,” which touches on the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life in inner-city neighborhoods that are overlooked by city officials. In the song, he speaks on the change that the community is calling for and features one of his favorite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speeches that instructs black youth to not ever give up, to keep pushing, even if life is hard.

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Watch “Generation” above and listen to “East of The River” below, and continue to honor the life and legacy of Dr. King by going out there and helping out in the community.

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