Aaron Abernathy Incites A Much-Needed ‘Dialogue’ With New Song, “Children Of The City” [Premiere]

Aaron Abernathy Incites A Much-Needed ‘Dialogue’ With New Song, “Children Of The City” [Premiere]

Aaron Abernathy Incites A Much-Needed ‘Dialogue’ With New Song, “Children Of The City” [Premiere]

Source: Aaron Abernathy

Classically-trained pianist, multi-talented singer-songwriter Aaron Abernathy returns to @Okayplayer with a socially conscious themed song from his new album, Dialogue.

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard the name Aaron Abernathy here @Okayplayer. The First Look Friday alum was highlighted for his gospeldelic, real-world skill and we were also fortunate enough to share his Columbia Nights remix of “Now A Days”. Fast forward to this year, and we are excited for you to hear new music from an artist cut from the same cloth as Marvin, Stevie, Donny and Curtis.

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Following up on his 2016 effort, Monologue, Aaron Abernathy readies the release of Dialogue — a much needed conversation especially in these trying times. “I’m four weeks out from the release of Dialogue and I feel it is very important that the world hears this album,” Aaron told me direct in an email. “Brother to brother, I want to be clear in conveying that this album isn’t about me or musical gains… it is about the culture, black culture, American culture and empowering all minorities to come together and make this country we occupy a better place for all of us.”

To do so, Aaron Abernathy has allowed us to premiere the song, “Children Of The City,” for your ear’s enjoyment and your heart’s content. Impassioned after the passing of comedian-activist Dick Gregory, Aaron sought answers to the questions that he had in his mind. Who is replacing the elders? Who is sharpening the minds of our future? Who is willing to step forward and speak on our behalf? As one of those strong individuals, Aaron Abernathy’s Dialogue aims to represent his people and make sure that their story is being told in the right and just way. Fueled by sound bites of his grand uncle Ralph David Abernathy, the late Civil Rights activist and friend to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., narrates this musical journey, leading us through dark alleyways and out into lighted, green pastures.

“I pray that this body of work inspires someone else to push the needle the way that I was pushed by listening to Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye and Sly and the Family Stone,” Aaron said. “These albums inspired me to leave my comfort zone of romantic love songs to sing a different love song… a love song about being black in America and how we’re better when we come together to love each other.”

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“Children Of The City” invites us to care about those who aren’t Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt’s adopted babies, while sharing insight about what the youth of America goes through these days. Press play on the song below, pre-order Dialogue here and circle Oct. 16 as the date when the project is available at all digital retailers with the CD and Vinyl to be released Oct. 20.

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