10 Reactions To Big Sean Clowning His Ex-Fiancée Naya Rivera

10 Reactions To Big Sean Clowning His Ex-Fiancée Naya Rivera

10 Reactions To Big Sean Clowning His Ex-Fiancée Naya Rivera

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The Twitterverse was lit with jokes and memes after word broke that Big Sean’s ex-gal was arrested on charges of alleged domestic battery.

Slander on Twitter can be devastatingly funny, if not maddeningly hilarious when done correctly. In the case of rapper Big Sean, he might’ve graduated to Top 5 Dead or Alive Tweeter status after he posted a petty video in response to the news that his ex-fiancée, Naya Rivera, was arrested for alleged domestic battery on her husband, Ryan Dorsey.

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Reports claim that the 30-year-old former Glee was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after getting into an altercation with Ryan Dorsey on Nov. 25. At that moment, Big Sean, posted the Boosie Bad Azz video meme featuring his daughter celebrating her father’s release from jail as a thinly veiled diss to anyone who didn’t believe Sean Don’s claims about the state of Naya Rivera’s mental health.


Back in 2014, Sean was engaged to the actress, and quickly ended his plans after a situation developed between the two. Naya would go on to rebound in a matter of moments and get married on the date that she had originally set for her and Big Sean. Fast forward three years, Big Sean, 29, is currently dating Jhené Aiko, and seems to have been happy ever since. According to TMZ, Sean’s tweet, which came hours after Rivera’s arrest was first reported, found Sean saying, “Y’all thought I was playing but I told y’all.”

With that in mind, fans quickly responded to the shady video with their own jokes and slander. Peep the ballistics on the following page and share your own reactions with us @Okayplayer.

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