GoldLink Talks Love + Hints At A Possible Supergroup [Interview]

The Okayplayer Interview: GoldLink Talks Falling In Love, Kaytranada + Hints At A Possible Supergroup

by Kevito
4 years ago

The last few years have been impactful for the man born D’Anthony Carlos. From local Washington, D.C. celebrity to chart-topping, budding star on the rise — GoldLink has cultivated a song of tomorrow, today, and with that has sitting in the driver’s seat of the next wave in music. The intimacy presented on his follow-up record to The God Complex accurately portrayed the artist that GoldLink is slowly, yet surely becoming. Focused, resolute and wholly able to see the full spectrum of the moment and willing to share it with the people — GoldLink has become a bright light in the game along with receiving accolades from ComplexXXL and VIBE.

We caught up with the charismatic and genre-redefining MC while he was sharing And After That, We Didn’t Talk with the good folks in Europe on tour. Riding high off of the success from that project, GoldLink fired off the loosey cut, “Fall in Love,” which was produced by Kaytranada. In our chat, GoldLink shared with us the history behind his standalone song, why his rise as a professional artist means more openness from him and hints to a possible supergroup formation with two other major players in the game with Sango and Maségo. Enjoy this exclusive chat with one of the illest in the game!

Okayplayer: Glad to finally get a chance to talk with you, bruv. First off, I have to say that that “Fall in Love” record is pure heat-rock. A pure upbeat track that gets the body moving and grooving. Who inspired the song and what were some things that were going on while you were conceiving the record?

GoldLink: Man, “Fall in Love” is about a friend of mine. A good friend of mine. She’s an actress. I cannot say her name, but she’s famous though. She’s a really cool girl and, you know, there is a mix of things that was happening at that time just situationally that inspired the record. “Fall in Love” is not just about her, but it is also about someone else in the mix of me being with her. Long story short, it’s an anti-love record. Everybody makes love records or love records are very typical to hear these days, but you never hear about anti-love records. So, that’s kind of the other part of the inspiration… let’s make an anti-love record but make it feel like a love record.

OKP: “Fall in Love” was produced by Kaytranada, so I wanted to ask you about your working relationship with him. How would you describe it?

GL: We work very well in a certain way together, but we never just sit down and make ideas. He’ll sing whatever and I’ll vibe with whatever is going on. After that whatever I write I just hope that he’ll let me have. Other than that I think that he’s a genius and I’m pretty good myself—that’s why we both work best the way we do.

OKP: Do you guys have a conversation that jumpstarts things or is it just press play and you both dive into it?

GL: He’ll sing over the beat, you know, and I’ll catch the vibe and together we’ll just create until we’re both satisfied.

OKP: One of my co-workers wanted me to ask you about your involvement with Om’Mas Keith. How did you both link up to get involved in one another’s careers?

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