Jay Ellis Talks New ‘Hard Medicine’ Web Series + Qualities That Make A Lawrence IRL [Interview]

Jay Ellis Talks New ‘Hard Medicine’ Web Series + Qualities That Make A Lawrence IRL [Interview]

Jay Ellis Talks New ‘Hard Medicine’ Web Series + Qualities That Make A Lawrence IRL [Interview]

Illustration: Nathan Arizona | Photo: Jamie Lamor Thompson

Jay Ellis, sits down to talk about his new project, Hard Medicine and what qualities makes up a Lawrence IRL.

Black people love and know their actors, y’all. From Laurence Fishburne to Laverne Cox, we keep tabs on their moves and support their projects with a fervent attitude that has made projects such as Get Out and Girls Trip history-breaking, genre-defying smashes. For Jay Ellis, the Insecure star is taking a similar path to superstardom with one clear distinction: executive producing.

The Fort Sumter, South Carolina original who got his start as a model handing out gym towels and locker keys in the WME building, has become a mainstay talking point on #BlackTwitter and the leader of his own tribe, the #LawrenceHive. As a co-star on the highly successful HBO show, Insecure, most people who are now getting familiar with the 30-something talent are learning what black people have known since Jay was on BET’s The Game: the boy got skills.

Nowadays, Jay Ellis has become an in-demand presence on the blogs and in Hollywood. Never failing to keep his work ethic in growth, Jay Ellis has a number of projects in rotation. One that the black masses has gotten behind is Hard Medicine, a new web series currently running on the Urban Movie Channel, and was created by Melissa Eno Effa. Produced by Ellis and his partner (and mother), Paula Bryant-EllisHard Medicine is a workplace mockumentary comedy in the vein of The Office.

After putting the first two episodes on his Facebook page, Hard Medicine received over one million views and became a sought after series by former BET CEO Bob Johnson’s Urban Movie Channel. With a host of popular shows in the can and out in the world, Jay Ellis is certainly becoming one of the most independent shot callers in the game. We here @Okayplayer were fortunate enough to get some time with him as he broke down the inner workings of Hard Medicine, the similarities between creatives Melissa Effa and Issa Rae, and what qualities make up a Lawrence in real life.

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