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Idle Warship: Party Robot

by Ginger Lynn
9 years ago

To prepare you for the release of the Idle Warship + Mick Boogie mixtape collabo Party Robot, out now at YearoftheBlacksmith.com, Mick Boogie sat down for an exclusive interview with Idle Warship’s Talib Kweli and Graph Nobel.

Mick Boogie: What does Idle Warship mean to you?

Kweli: Idle Warship is, for me, freedom – straight up. I have spent years building my brand to the point where folks can’t question it. But sometimes the music I would like to express or the music I enjoy doesn’t fit my “brand.” Idle Warship gives me a chance to do that. Not being able to express fully is death for any artist.

MB: What’s your favorite song on the mixtape?

Graph: My favorite song on the mixtape is “Bedroom Lights.” It’s just a fun song with alot of parts that intertwine, the music is really dope on this joint. Shout out Co-T on production!

Kweli: We also have a crazy video for that one coming soon.

MB: How, creatively, does this differ from your other group work?

Kweli: Idle Warship is the sum of its parts. It is one third me one third Res one third Graph, and our collective influences make it something different and special. Graph is a singer and an MC, but she hears
music very differently than I do. Res and I have worked together often, but in this group she brings out the singer in me and I bring out the MC in her.

MB: Graph… you’re from Canada. How has the Canadian hip-hop scene influenced your sound?

Hip-hop/urban music is pretty eclectic where I’m from, you can hear it everybody representing. K’naan, K-Os, Kardi, Nelly Furtado, Drake; we’re rap mixed with something… lol.

What’s next for Talib Kweli?

Kweli: Please be on the look out for Reflection Eternal, Revolutions Per Minute, in December. Also keep up with www.yearoftheblacksmith.com for updates on all of our projects, including Jean Grae‘s Cake or Death and Strong Arm Steady‘s Arms and Hammers.

Graph: Check out Party Robot. We think you’ll like it!

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