Disguise The Limit: Nyck Caution On BKLYN, Troy Ave & More

Disguise The Limit: Nyck Caution On Brooklyn, Troy Ave & World Domination


Being 22 is a lot like living the life supreme, right? Nothing can seemingly get you down and excellence is but a first step in your eyes. For Nyck Caution, the Brooklyn-bred MC, excellence is a dish best served under a veil. Disguise The Limit, Caution’s most recent mixtape, marked a reintroduction to the artist after his three-song project, 22, hit the waves making a splash with fans.

As a member of Pro Era and Cinematic Worldwide, Nyck Caution definitely the awe-some in audaciousness. After revealing the release date while sitting court-side at the Knick vs. Magic at the Madison Square Garden, Nyck has proven that his imaginative style is worth paying attention to. “This project has been my life for about two years and now I’m finally done and ready to release it to the world,” said Caution in a press release. “I dedicate it to my mentor Capital STEEZ for putting me on to another side of music and pushing the Pro Era to what it is today.”

With “Light Through The Cracks” and “Basin” making heads snap from left to right, Nyck Caution is reveling in his growing successes. We were fortunate to get some time with the maverick from Mill Basin as he expounded about his place in Brooklyn’s ever-evolving music scene; shares his thoughts on the Joey Bada$$ v. Troy Ave back-and-forth and answers what “world domination” means to him.

On the evolving music scene in Brooklyn…

“I see it being very innovative, but still gritty to the roots of Brooklyn. You know [with] the emergence of the ‘turn up’ music, and the rock star vibe, once that infuses with Brooklyn [then] I really think we are going to create a whole other lane.”

On the lack of diversity in the entertainment biz…

“[My musical narrative] gives me a direction as far as our message because we all came up at the same time. I believe in the messages [that] we want to spread. As a part of Pro Era, I don’t really think I have to establish or make a definitive statement to the business because we recognized what we were about as a whole in our beginning stages.”

On what Nyck has learned about himself through the music…

“I learned that music brings out everything that I don’t really talk about. It helps me understand more about myself in general. It’s hard to make that specific, but I definitely learned that I can conclude something on my own. The music has made me realize that I can finish full bodies of work. I find out something new about myself every time I complete a song.”

On the first song he wrote for Disguise The Limit

“[It was] ‘The Pursuit,’ and I wrote it three years ago. It was to a different beat, though. I wrote my favorite verse first, then I wrote the second verse a year later and then came back to it.”

How does the ‘Disguise The Limit’ MC think he can change the music industry?

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