?uestlove-Okay, you ready?

D’Angelo- (eyes tape recorder) Man, you can’t use the tape recorder.

Oh, you on some Prince shit now, huh?


Okay, so the question of the hour: What the fuck took us so long?

I just knew you were going to ask that question. (Ponders) Man, this is going to be difficult for me.

So, okay, this feels like when Eddie Murphy would get interviewed by Arsenio?


Nah, this is just a conversation between two friends. My take on it is making this record felt like school to me.


I personally didn’t want it to end.

Cause every day was some new shit for us. You wouldn’t know what to expect. We would make a banging ass jawn (D’bonics for "song"), then we would watch a treat and then go back again, then come back the next day and work on it again. Soon, making a record became an afterthought. You’re right, cause to me it became more about learning, enhancing the craft and feeding off each other. Like us feeding off of Jaydee (Ummah and fellow Soulquarian), Q-tip.

(interrupts) Usually a person puts this much scrutiny on his first record.

(Interrupts) Well, we all know about that sophomore jinx thing right? Well, I wasn’t really thinking about that. I’m really thinking about the whole picture not just the second album, but all the albums that come after that. Sees, we always follow motherfuckers’ careers. Like, Prince. See he’s an evolution artist. James Brown is an evolution artist.

Y’know cause after the mutiny of ’69 (when James’ band quit before a show) then the JB’s came

Damn. That would have been a great title for a group: The Mutiny.

There was, the Funkadelic offspring was called that (after they left George). You see, um, I dunno man, this is weird. I didn’t know how weird this was going to be. You see, when me and you talk about music we really talk about music. But you and I are actually conducting an interview.

I know, but we don’t have to speak clear as English. I mean, we’re sitting here enunciating every word. I guess we covered why it took us so long. What I want to know is, is the next one going to take this long?

Hell no! See the thing that took so long is I had to reassess the situation. Okay, do you remember when we did Linwood Rose (supergroup consisting of Raphael Sadiq, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Spanky, D’angelo and myself) and we rehearsed for The Chris Rock show? That was a marker point for me. Better yet, when we did Brown Sugar’s platinum party (September 13, 1996) all the way up to The Chris Rock Show (February 14, 1997), I couldn’t write shit.

Why not?

I’m not going to say that I didn’t want to. I would go to the ASR-10 (keyboard used on the majority of Brown Sugar) and I realized I was lacking inspiration. And what sparked it off was I started listening to a lot of gospel. And when we started practicing for the Linwood Rose thing.