A New Kanye West Dating App Could Help You Keep Your Love Lockdown

A New Kanye West Dating App Could Help You Keep Your Love Lockdown

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For all the single people not trying to have a baby, but find a partner who loves them the way Kanye loves Kanye, a new dating site for his biggest fans now exists.

As someone who was just digging into Kanye West’s discography, the Chicago MC sure knows how to turn a flirtatious phrase into an expression of one’s heart. If you’re finding yourself in a lonely room, not wanting to be alone, and your only consoling is the soundtrack to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, don’t worry, a new dating site might help you get out of that heartless phase.

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Yeezy Dating just popped up via Instagram and already it has begun to pique the interest of Yeezus fans who love all things Kanye. Set to launch sometime this month, Yeezy Dating advertises itself as “a dating site for fans of the genius Mr. West.” Know everything from his most cherished meal to his pet peeves? Want to discuss why the Red Octobers should make a comeback? Well, this site is for you…

But there is just one condition that you must make sure you follow at all times: No Swifties.

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If you’re a part of Taylor Gang (sorry, Wiz) you’re not going to gain entrance into this experimental dating app. Even the site explicitly says, “Taylor Swift fans are banned from this website.” So, you’ve been warned.

There not much more information about the site like how it matches fans to escape their coldest winter, but for those who are looking to find an amazing love, you can sign up via email for early access to the site. Peep the first look at the app below.

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