Year’s Best: Okayplayer’s 13 Best Albums Of 2013

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.
Year's Best: Okayplayer's Top 13 albums of 2013

1. Killer Mike x El-P –  Run The Jewels

Killer Mike & El-P–the respective psychos behind two of 2012’s best albums (that’s R.A.P. Music & Cancer 4Cure)combined into a 2-headed, 4-armed terminator for their 2013 collaborative project Run The Jewels. A logical progression from their solo joints and previous collabos, Run The Jewels is quite simply a lethally concentrated dose of what you already loved about Killer Mike and El-P but spacier, spookier, more heavily influenced by Bun B, “Hard Times”-era Run DMC and Mantronik–yet also more minimal and aurally boundary-pushing, in an Alec Empire kind of way. If that sounds like an oddly appropriate companion piece to Kanye’s unevenly brilliant Yeezus, it is. But Run The Jewels makes it clear that Killer & P are mad about some shit that’s a hell of a lot more existential than being snubbed by Louis Vuitton. “Banana Clipper” and “Sea Legs” have been the single/standard bearers but “Get It” might be the purest hit on here and it’s also a testament to standing your sonic ground; it would not sound out of place blending out of 2002’s “B-Boy Document” (or Twin Hype‘s 1989 “Lyrical Rundown, as far as that goes) and yet it couldn’t be a better soundtrack for 2013. –Eddie STATS

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