White Police Officer Says “We’ll Make Sh-t Up” After Arresting Makai Coleman With False Claim

White Police Officer Says “We’ll Make Sh-t Up” After Arresting Makai Coleman With False Claim

Officer John Kovach Jr. arrested his daughter’s black boyfriend, Makai Coleman when he pulled them over falsely and forced his 18-year-old daughter into his car.

Some of you may know that I am originally from Ohio (#330 stand up!) and let’s just say I have no plans on returning anytime soon. Why, you might wonder? I’ll be succinct. The year was 2004 and John Kerry was running for president. I was a part of an organization pushing for change when my friend and I were accosted by Brady Lake police for registering people to vote while black. Imagine yourself surrounded by eight badges with more than half pointing guns at you, yelling for you to get down on the ground. Long story short, we weren’t the car thieves they thought us to be (even with voter registration forms) and after being driven to the station and having a witness confirm our story, we were returned much more changed than they were.

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In Ohio, just like elsewhere around this big, blue planet, the authorities are assaulting, insulting, killing, and hiding black bodies on sight. That’s why the story of Makai Coleman hits close to home. Coleman and his girlfriend were driving around the city of Lorain, Ohio when Officer John Kovach Jr. abused his authority and pulled over Coleman (the girlfriend was revealed to be the cop’s 18-year-old daughter) and placed him in handcuffs on April 16. The investigation and dashcam footage from that day revealed that Kovach could be heard saying, “You’re going to jail,” as he instructed Coleman to exit his video.

When asked why by Coleman, the cop said, “We’ll make shit up as we go,” and told him to get into his police cruiser.

Kovach, who admitted he didn’t like Coleman because of a prior marijuana arrest, claimed that at one point his ex-wife called him to say that Coleman “wanted to use Katlyn as a prostitute so they could make money.” He also said that on the day of the incident, he was looking for his daughter because he thought she was suicidal and needed help. He claimed he saw Coleman speeding in the neighborhood and nearly hit Kovach’s car. Of course, none of this has been presented with verifiable proof, as the cop’s ex-wife didn’t know about any Facebook post and admitted that they both “have concerns about the relationship.”

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Police Chief Cel Rivera agreed with the Lorain Police Employee Review Board where Officer Kovach’s actions “rise to the level of gross misconduct.” After another hearing in May, Kovach was terminated. “These actions are not acceptable for members of our Police Department and we felt it warranted immediate dismissal,” said Safety-Service Director Dan Given.

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