55% of White Americans Believe There Is Discrimination Against Their Own Race

55% of White Americans Believe There Is Discrimination Against Their Own Race

55% of White Americans Believe There Is Discrimination Against Their Own Race

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More than half of white Americans believe there is discrimination against their race in contemporary America.

Look to your left, black America… Now, look to your right.

According to a new poll conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health — it appears that white people are feeling extra discriminated against. More than half of white Americans said that they are discriminated in contemporary America.

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I didn’t know that we had descended so much as a populace.

In fact, I should’ve known that the tide had actually turned when we started restricting whites from moving into our neighborhoods, placing barriers of entry into our workforce and prosecuted them at every turn for minor infractions. Hell, if white folks feel discriminated against because they’re being held back from adopting black-and-brown culture, they may be justified in doing so.


As NPR notes, white people can’t even cite the specific instances where they were discriminated against, making it more and more apparent that white Americans are just bitching for bitching’s sake. 19 percent of whites who were polled said that they were discriminated against while applying for jobs, while 13 percent said that discrimination occurred when they were under consideration for a promotion (oh, the audacity!).

11 percent said they were discriminated while they were applying to college or attending college, according to the poll.

Man, that must suck to be held back due to the color of your skin and not judged by the content of your character. NPR explained that their results correlated between income and response, with those making less money believing discrimination was more rampant. Didn’t you hear, white America? This is the land of the free, the home of the brave… You don’t get anywhere without pulling yourself us by your boot straps. Didn’t anyone in your family tell you that? Whites who were polled had the lowest percentage of affirmative responses, followed by Asian Americans at 61 percent.

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In comparison, 92 percent of black Americans, 90 percent of LGBTQ Americans, 78 percent of Latinos, 75 percent of Native Americans said that discrimination existed against them. NPR surveyed 3,453 respondents, 902 of whom were white, and was conducted from January 26 to April 9.

What do you think, America? Are white people being discriminated against unjustly? Speak on it in the comments section below.

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