Watch Kendrick Lamar's Acting Debut as a Junkie on 'Power'

Watch Kendrick Lamar's Acting Debut as a Junkie on 'Power'

Is there anything Kung Fu Kenny can’t do?

In case you missed the memo: this evening’s episode of the hit STARZ program, Power, features a little cameo from none other than Kendrick Lamar.

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And though fans were left in the dark as to what form that appearance might take, STARZ is offering an early glimpse at tonight’s episode for paid subscribers on their app. It finds Lamar portraying “Laces,” a junkie with a quick trick up his sleeve. Lamar approaches a rival drug dealer in a setup that finds Kanan Starks (50 Cent’s character) capitalizing on the distraction, offing his competitor swiftly, and leaving the spoils to his commissioned misdirection artist.

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Watch Kendrick Lamar roundhouse his acting debut on Power in the clip below. Tune in tonight for the official premiere.

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