Watch Jay-Z And Ryan Gosling's Awkward 'Saturday Night Live' Promo Video

Watch Jay-Z And Ryan Gosling's Awkward 'Saturday Night Live' Promo Video

Back in August came the announcement that Jay-Z would be performing for the season 43 premiere of Saturday Night Live, and now a promo video has been released.

The short 46-second clip finds the 4:44 rapper alongside Ryan Gosling, who will be serving as the host for the premiere episode. Both exchanges between the two are awkward but funny, with Jay-Z leaving most of the jokes to Gosling.

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“How excited are you gonna be so I can know just how excited I should be,” Gosling asks an unenthused Jay-Z in the first sequence.

In the second sequence, Gosling reminds Jay-Z of the time they met at Coachella. “Together again at last. I saw you at Coachella,” Gosling says. “I remember,” Jay-Z responds, inciting laughter between the two.

The selection of Jay-Z as musical guest and Gosling as host makes sense considering the former just released 13th studio album 4:44 and the latter has a new film coming out, Blade Runner 2049, on October 6. SNL originally made the announcement via Twitter.

A few months ago 4:44 was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). “Props to Jay-Z, he’s done it again! Another Platinum album adds to an already iconic career,” RIAA Chairman and CEO, Cary Sherman, said in a press release.

The season 43 SNL premiere is happening on September 30.

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