Watch the First Trailer for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘In the Heights’

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Lin-Manuel Miranda is a producer on In the Heights and is also responsible for all the music.

The first trailer for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights made its debut on Thursday, December 12th.

The movie is based on the Tony-winning musical Miranda wrote and starred in, before he went on to do Hamilton. In the Heights tells the story of one neighborhood “that is disappearing:” Washingon Heights, which is located in upper Manhatten. The play, and now movie, focuses on a bodega owner with mixed feelings about closing up his shop after inheriting some money.

The movie version of In the Heights was directed by Crazy Rich Asians filmmaker Jon M. Chu. And it stars Anthony Ramos, Leslie Grace, Corey Hawkins, Melissa Barrera, and Jimmy Smits. Miranda is a producer on the film and is also responsible for all the music.



On Wednesday, according to People, there was an event in support of the release of the trailer. The event included appearances from Miranda, Chu, writer Quiara Alegría Hudes, and star Ramos.

Speaking about playing the starring role, Ramos said:

I felt a huge responsibility, but I also didn’t feel any pressure…The fact that Lin trusted me with this role means more than you’ll ever know, bro. Ever.

In the Heights comes out June 26th, 2020. Watch the trailer below.

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