Twitter Says No To Having Justin Timberlake Perform At Super Bowl LII

Twitter Says No To Having Justin Timberlake Perform At Super Bowl LII

The eStreets Say No To Having Justin Timberlake Perform At Super Bowl LII

Source: Twitter

When word got out that the former N’SYNC singer, Justin Timberlake, would be returning to Super Bowl – the eStreets definitely didn’t hold back on how they felt.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you might’ve missed the news that Justin Timberlake—yes, Mr. Rock Your Body—is reportedly close to finalizing a deal to perform at next year’s Super Bowl. According to a report from US Weekly, the news would bring sexy back to the largest sports halftime show this side of the Western hemisphere. Yet, all we or anyone else for that matter can talk about is how can JT hit the Super Bowl stage without wholeheartedly apologizing to Janet Jackson for his part in 2004’s “Nipplegate” scandal.

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For those too young and too lit to remember, Timberlake was performing with Janet live on television during the Super Bowl halftime show. During their dance routine, JT pulled at the breast-area of the leather outfit worn by Janet—right as he sung the lyric “gonna have you naked by the end of this song,” revealing her nipple, which was covered only by a piece of jewelry. Pandemonium erupted, as saints repented in the aisle, mothers and grandmothers clutched their pearls and TV execs everywhere went running for some Holy Water. Tens of millions of people instantly blamed the black woman, while Justin Timberlake skated by with a slap on the wrist.

Hell, to date, Janet is probably still blacklisted from coming to the Super Bowl, and when’s the last time you seen her at an award show in the U.S.?

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Almost 15 years later and we here on the mean eStreats have yet to forget how Timberlake left Janet in the lurch. When the news broke today (Sept. 27) a lot of people found it absurd that JT had been invited back, while Janet seems placed in a box marked do not open or something. With that in mind, the eStreets have spoken loudly about their feelings in regards to whether or not “Mr. Sexy Back” should be back in the Super Bowl limelight. On the following page are some of the most open and honest comments on the matter that you should waste no time in checking out.

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