Twitter Comes For Bay Area Reporter Who Slanders Diddy Live On-Air

Twitter Comes to Diddy’s Defense after News Anchor Slanders Him On-Air

Twitter Comes For Bay Area Reporter Who Slanders Diddy Live On-Air

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UPDATE: Henry Wofford, the news anchor that can be heard in the video saying that Diddy “looks like he smoked a blunt and drank a 40,” has since apologized for his remarks. Following the backlash the clip received Wofford took to Twitter to apologize.

An official statement was then released on Wofford’s behalf which read in part: “Dozens of Diddy’s Twitter followers have accused me of playing on racial stereotypes. That was not my goal. But I understand my comments had that impact and for that I sincerely apologize.”

However, Folsom has yet to issue her own apology for the incident.

Read the original story below.

Darya Folsom, a local Bay Area reporter, thought it was hilarious that a “drunk and high” Diddy would be interested in owning a team.

Let’s clear the air, America. Doesn’t really matter if you’re black or white (as Michael Jackson once said) — you can get these jokes. Especially if you’re not able to put some respeck on the name of the one, the only Sean “Diddy” Combs. Bay Area reporter, Darya Folsom learned the hard way that #BlackTwitter won’t be playing any passive-aggressive games when your taxes with slandering one of our own.

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While on air, Ms. Folsom was speaking with fellow news anchor Henry Wofford on a KRON-TV sports segment called “The World According to Darya,” when they both attempted to roast the no. 1 artist of Forbes’ Cash Kings list. Why? Because the bad boy of Bad Boy Records expressed a serious proposition to purchase the Carolina Panthers in an attempt to bridge the gap between the league and Colin Kaepernick.

While athletes such as the aforementioned Kaepernick and Stephen Curry chimed in with their bids of approval — Ms. Folsom and Wofford proceeded to ponder aloud on live TV “what does Diddy even do?” and poke fun at his health habits (“He’s probably drunk and high in another world or something!”). Bombastic, serious, or whatever — Diddy has had a lengthy career at proving people wrong (remember Sean John Clothing?) — and #BlackTwitter was not going to let the hate flow on their watch.

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So, before #BlackTwitter makes this news broadcaster walk to E-40’s house to cop some vino for the man formerly known as Puff Daddy, we thought it would be nice to send Ms. Folsom a reminder as to who she’s talking bad against and why they “can’t stop, won’t stop” making you feel bad for throwing salt on the Harlem icon.

Read some of the reactions below.

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