Why Is Trump’s Only Liked Tweet Right Now About The Latest Episode Of ‘Insecure’?

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Why Is Trump's Only Liked Tweet Right Now About The Latest Episode Of 'Insecure'?
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Is Trump secretly an Insecure fan?

If you needed further proof that the simulation we’re living in is glitching, look no further than Donald Trump‘s only liked tweet at the moment.

The tweet, which comes from the account @shiningheaux, is about the latest episode of Insecure, with the Twitter user writing: “This is how I wanted tonight’s episode of insecure to end…Damn Molly.”


Like the rest of us, @shiningheaux is also confused about their tweet being liked Trump.


Some also believe that the account is actually a bot.

Trump, who often uses Twitter to address any and all criticisms or claims against him, has yet to speak on his only liked tweet. Maybe he’s arranging a news conference solely to speak on this.

In related news, Crenshaw artist Six Sev called out the HBO show for featuring a fake version of one of his original pieces in one of its episodes back in May. In the episode, Issa Rae wore a green hoodie emblazoned with the phrase, “SUPERMALL.” In a since-deleted Instagram post, Sev wrote a lengthy post alleging the hoodie is a knockoff.

“The big bros told me it’s a better way I’m not posting this to hurt anyone but the truth needs to [be] known these people who [knocked] me off are so happy now [because] they can sell a gang of these fake ones under the impression that ‘Issa wore it,'” he wrote.

The hoodie was created in collaboration with Nipsey Hussle‘s The Marathon Clothing. The collab was also a partnership with PUMA and was aptly titled “Slauson Super Mall.” Sev previously shared an image of him with Hussle back in March 2019. The two met and after a random run-in and the artist then had a meeting with Hussle which later led to the capsule, according to The Hundreds‘ blog.


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