Bad Things Are On The Horizon In Final ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer

Bad Things Are On The Horizon In Final ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer

The Upside Down is back and more menacing than ever in this final Stranger Things Season 2 trailer.

Stranger Things ended on such a rollercoaster ride that fans could not wait for the show’s second installment. As we inch towards the finish line, Netflix has dropped a final trailer highlighting some of the ups and downs that the Duffer Brothers have prepared for the audience.

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From the massive Lovecraftian monster with shadowy tentacles to Eleven still craving her favorite Eggo waffles — the Upside Down makes its presence felt in a very major way. Will is still not free from the Upside Down’s grip, and there is reason to believe that that ominous world is crossing right over into Hawkins, Indiana.

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I, like many others, are hyped for this show’s return to the small screen. With so many questions left unanswered from Season 1, Stranger Things is looking to raise the bar amongst the growing queue of content in Netflix’s well of original work.

Watch the final trailer below and get ready for the Stranger Things transmission to kick off on Oct. 27.

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