Sonder's "Too Fast" Soundtracks ‘Atlanta Robbin’ Season’ Teaser Trailer

Sonder's "Too Fast" Soundtracks ‘Atlanta Robbin’ Season’ Teaser Trailer

The gang is back as Donald Glover’s excellent series Atlanta is poised to take over television sets around the globe in 2018.

Last April, we were blessed with a teasing look at Donald Glover’s Atlanta and now, thanks to the wonders of the award-winning creative, we have another look at the show.
Retitled Atlanta Robbin’ Season, Earn, Paper Boi and Darius return for another adventure of hijinks and antics. Aired during the tail-end of last night’s Golden Globes ceremony, Atlanta Robbin’ Season is dark, not in tone, but in atmosphere, and soundtracked by Sonder’s “Too Fast”.

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The cast are frequently led from the shadows into random beams of light, as totally random things occur around them (is that an alligator?!). With a lot of pretty cool and fucked up things happening, you can’t really tell what’s going on, but you know it is going to be worth your time.

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So, don’t waste it, press play above and let us know your thoughts about one of the coolest teaser trailers of 2018.

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