Snowe Melinda Saxman Claims To Be Prince’s Long-Lost Daughter After Submitting DNA To Online Site

Woman Claims To Be Prince’s Long-Lost Daughter After Submitting DNA To Online Site

Snowe Melinda Saxman says she was born on October 4, 1975 in Norfolk, VA and was adopted two weeks later. In court documents obtained by the blast, Snowe states “Since I was young, many people have noted that I possess substantial physical, temperamental and aspirational similarities to Prince. I have a close resemblance to Prince … I consider myself very artsy and my personality has been described as flamboyant, natural-born star and performer made for the stage. I sing, dance, write music, and have taught myself to play instruments. I created many dances during high school and performed on numerous occasions as a child and young adult.” _____________________________________________ She also claimed to have submitted her DNA to online an online site and they’ve advised her that her that “there were numerous matches with many relatives on Prince’s family tree.” She claims to have matched with Prince’s half brother, Duane, Prince’s ex-wife, Mayte Garcia and Prince’s parents. ____________________________________________ The picture above is the picture she allegedly chose to attach to her documents. (I guess the purple hair was suppose to.. nvm). Snowe is requesting to be names a Heir in Prince’s Estate. ______________________________________________ #AllegedTea #Alleged🍵 #SnoweMelindaSaxman #Prince #PurpleRain #PurpleHair #CHILEBYE

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Snowe Melinda Saxman says that she’s Prince’s long-lost daughter, and she is willing to go to court and stand in front of a judge to prove it.

People are coming out of the woodwork since Prince has passed away, now two years ago, and one—Snowe Melinda Saxman—is willing to take her claims about the Purple One to a court of law. According to The Blast, Saxman, who claims that she was adopted as a baby and never knew her real parents, believes that she is Prince’s daughter because she has “substantial physical, temperamental and aspirational similarities” to Prince.

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She claims that she is a “very artistic person who sings, dances, and taught herself to play several instruments,” which could be anybody inspired to live a life full of music. She also claims that many of her friends said that she looks and acts like Prince, which is a stretch at best, but who knows until everyone actually goes to court. Saxman’s ultimate “claim” to Prince’s estate (see: money) lies in the fact that she submitted her DNA to an online DNA database, and she “matched” with several of Prince’s relatives and his ex-wife, Mayte Garcia. She didn’t match with Prince because he died before he could submit his DNA to this or any other system.

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Saxman has filed a claim in Minnesota courts for her share of his money on the basis of this claim. In saying that she matched with Garcia, Saxman appears to be saying that she could be the daughter of Prince and Garcia — except for the fact that she was born when Garcia was less than two-years-old.

SOURCE: The Blast

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