RZA Shares a List of Classic Kung Fu Flicks for Beginners

RZA Shares a List of Classic Kung Fu Flicks for Beginners

by zo
November 06, 2017 2:02 PM

Listen close and take notes, grasshopper.

When it comes kung fu in hip-hop, there’s one group to blame for its very welcome presence.

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Wu-Tang Clan, but particularly its architect, RZA, have done much to connect listeners to the origins of the Shaolin, or at least their particular offshoot, since their debut album, 36 Chambers (a title inspired by a kung fu classic.) RZA detailed Wu-Tang’s Shaolin ties in The Wu-Tang Manual, but has done all novice watchers a solid today, revealing a top 5 list of kung fu flicks for beginners in an interview with AV Club. 

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Comprising iconic and time-tested films alike throughout multiple eras, the list offers a brief crash course in Chinese cinema according to a well-read-and-watched enthusiast (with an obvious tip to the rugged and raw film from which they borrowed the title of their debut.)

Peep the list below and watch the full interview above.

Enter The Dragon
Five Deadly Venoms
Iron Monkey
Shaolin vs. Lama
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin


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