Rosie Perez Details the "Butt Contest" That Introduced Her to Spike Lee

Rosie Perez Details the "Butt Contest" That Introduced Her to Spike Lee

A New York icon graces the illustrious late-night show

Last night on Desus & Mero, the perpetually-proclaimed number one show in late-night, welcomed the incomparable Rosie Perez to their set.

A casual start quickly moved into predictably messy territory, as the iconic Puerto Rican Brooklynite pivoted from candid banter to her first interactions with Spike Lee, painting a slightly creepier picture of the visionary director than most are familiar with. According to Perez, the Do The Right Thing co-stars first met upon the actress’ departure from Soul Train, joining Lee at a party with a group of friends who were apparently invited for the sole purpose of keeping a “dull” party interesting.

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At some point in the evening, Perez found herself in a “butt contest,” where Lee questioned the authenticity of her anatomy, and later, after Perez’s girlfriend called him up, ducked the girlfriend and told her he was interested in “the one with the accent.” She goes on to explain how she brought in Jennifer Lopez to be a Fly Girl on In Living Color, introducing the world to a new generation of powerhouse latina bad-assness

The 90s were weird and impossibly objectionable towards women, which makes Perez a fucking triumph, all things considered.

Watch Rosie Perez tell her tale in the extended interview from last night’s episode of Desus & Mero.



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