Recreational Usage Of Weed Is Now Legal In Los Angeles

Recreational Usage Of Weed Is Now Legal In Los Angeles

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After months of debate and political harangue, Los Angeles, the nation’s largest city, has legalized recreational pot usage.

Los Angeles, home of the legendary budsmokers, has now become the largest city in the nation to have legalized recreational pot usage after the City Council voted Wednesday to license sales next year.

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Now, stop, before we go any further, does this mean that all the black-and-brown “criminals” who are serving lengthy sentences for minimum drug sales are going to be pardoned for their “crimes” since recreational pot usage is legal?


The council approved rules to usher in commercial sales and have set the terms to begin in less than a month under an initiative approved by state voters. Under these new regulations, residential neighborhoods would be largely off-limit to budding pot businesses, while buffer zones would be set up around schools, libraries and parks.

Experts are not clear as to how many new businesses will even be ready to open their doors on Jan. 1, but it seems that nonetheless, Los Angeles will be known as the high capital of these United States. Not sure how Ol’ Orange Face Invasion is going to feel about that, but once those checks start rolling in, it’ll seem like easy money to the GOP.

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Other regulations will dictate where weed can be grown and sold, along with how businesses will be licensed. If you want to open a business, you must participate in the marketplace and get your local permits before applying for state licenses to operate in 2018. “As lawmakers we have a responsibility to reasonably regulate this industry in a manner that is safe, inclusive, and practical,” Los Angeles City Council President Herb (ha!) J. Wesson Jr. said Wednesday.

With a projected value of $7 billion, hundreds of cities across the U.S. are faced with the challenging task of regulating or banning commercial pot activity. California is among 29 states where pot is legal, either for medical or recreational use, so we’re more than halfway there.

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Marijuana is still considered a “gateway drug” in the eyes of the federal government, as many banks and credit unions are leery to do business with dispensaries and growers. So, whoever (we’re looking at you Snoop) can become a conductor of funding these new entreprises will become a very rich person indeed.

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