23 Rappers on Cameo & How Much a Shoutout From Them Cost

Rappers on Cameo
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Need a gift idea for your hip-hop loving significant other? Here are 23 rappers on Cameo you can buy a celebratory shoutout from.

Thanks to Cameo — a video-sharing website launched in 2017 — a childhood reality for anyone who wants to hear from their favorite celebrity has now been realized. The platform enables people to purchase special messages — usually in the form of birthday shoutouts, pep talks, and announcements — from celebrities, usually in the later stages of their careers. It’s a very feel-good thing to see scores of public figures delivering heartfelt messages for fans who’ve been eager to hear from them for quite some time. 

The site features a wide spectrum of celebrities, from actors to influencers to reality stars to athletes. Rappers are also getting in on the fun, creating messages for fans who’ve watched their careers and followed them across states to see them perform. We have rounded 23 rappers to reach out to on Cameo to get a personalized message. This list contains a wide selection with various price points, from $25 to $1,000. 

Mike Jones (Price: $400)

If you want to celebrate a birthday or pay homage to those going through the COVID-19 pandemic, Mike Jones is the guy for you. The rapper, with arguably one of the most popular names and phone numbers ever, gives personable, detailed messages from the comfort of his couch or during his daily commute.

Styles P (Price: $25)

Styles P talks just as hard as he raps. So that makes his Cameo deliveries come with an edge that make them perfect for celebrating a hard-fought win. The rapper speaks in cadence, making each of his videos perfect for putting a chilly beat behind. Also, a Styles P shoutout only costs $25, one of the best deals on the platform. 

Rapper Big Pooh (Price: $24)

Little Brother’s Big Pooh can give one hell of a motivational speech. A shout out cost only $24 and it’s worth it just to hear him tell you how you can succeed with a little extra push, or for him to say, with a smile, that you need to be celebrating your birthday. 

Flavor Flav (Price: $250)

Flavor Flav gives out birthday announcements primarily on Cameo. They are as exciting as his journeys through the mansion of Flavor of Love. He sings his name and grins to the camera but, sadly, there’s no music being played. 

Murphy Lee (Price: $40)

If you have a taste for some early 2000s, Midwest-flavored nostalgia, a Cameo shoutout from Murphy Lee might be for you. He sits in his car and speaks in the same cadence that made his guest features on Nelly’s early music so captivating. 

Robb Banks (Price: $90)

On Cameo under the name Femto, Robb Banks gives fans their paid-for shoutouts when he’s in the middle of doing something. In a number of videos, he’s kicking it in the studio, dishing out motivational game. 

Rob Base (Price: $150)

Rob Base, the legendary artist behind “It Takes Two” and “Get On The Dance Floor,” is on Cameo. He doesn’t have any previews available, but he has over 20 five star reviews. So it seems like you are in good hands if you place an order. 

Daz Dillinger (Price: $100)

Light a spliff with Daz Dillinger and enjoy some words from one of the realest. In his videos, he has more fun than pretty much everyone else, telling people to look at the Tupac posters in his room and also to invest in Tesla stocks. 

Riff Raff (Price: $85)

You can imagine what you think Riff Raff would do for Cameo and I can promise that you wouldn’t even be close. Wearing what looks like a windshield for a pair of glasses, the rapper is the hilarious caricature of himself that fans love, providing a memorable experience that justifies its price point. 


Lil Flip (Price: $250)

Lil Flip charges $250 for a video which, according to Cameo rapper’s standards, is pretty high. But for that price, you get the rapper’s effortlessly chill demeanor and suggestions which maybe make it worth it. 

Lecrae (Price: $105)

Christian rapper Lecrae brings his religious faith, as expected, to his Cameo experience, providing Bible verses and quotes for pep talks and birthday celebrations. 

Joell Ortiz (Price: $100)

You’ll be happy to find Joell Ortiz holding it down with the same optimism that comprises his often funny raps. He posts from a variety of places, always with a hat on.

Doug E Fresh (Price: $75)

The human beat-boxing machine brings the turn-up time to Cameo with an old-school freestyling way of doing his shoutouts. For birthday celebrations, he creates an entirely original routine that goes above and beyond what you’d expect to get for $75. 


Shawnna (Price: $31)

The “Gettin’ Some” rapper doesn’t have any previews or reviews on her page, but $31 for a shoutout is very affordable to hear her one-of-a-kind voice telling you something important. 

Kodie Shane (Price: $55)

Younger artists are also getting in on the Cameo game. Rising artist Kodie Shane is probably the same age, if not younger, than the requests that she probably fills. There aren’t any videos available for preview, but we speculate that her clips are as cheery as she is. 

D-Roc from the Ying Yang Twins (Price: $50)

If you want a specialized scream of “HAAN” that reminds you of the mid-2000s, D-Roc from the Ying Yang Twins has you covered. For $50, he’ll scream you a happy birthday, give you a good pep talk, or deliver some finger-snapping advice.

The Game (Price: $299)

With The Game’s legal situation looking the way that it is, every penny counts. That’s probably why he’s charging nearly $300 per Cameo video. But for the price, you get a genuine video from him that goes farther than an introduction or pep talk, with him often using his own experiences to shape the video. For instance: in one particular chat about someone getting their wisdom teeth pulled, he shares his own experience to let them know that everything will be OK.

Ghostface Killah (Price: $250)

Call me crazy, but Ghostface Killah’s $250 Cameos are worth every penny. Just to hear that one-of-a-kind voice tell you “Wu-Tang ain’t nothing to mess with!” Seems like a win within itself. He shoutouts people for weddings, birthdays, and everything in-between, making sure to bring that signature flair each time.

Trina (Price: $150)

Every one of Trina’s Cameo videos come with a genuine smile and excitement that makes her $150 price tag well worth the money. Her song announcement videos, in particular, are something that artists should invest in.

Bun B (Price: $75)

The wisdom of Bun B is always something to behold and when it comes to Cameo, you can get it for just $75. He’ll call you a homie and tell you happy birthday or ask you a question on behalf of some friends. No matter the instance though, it comes with much-needed advice that we can all apply.

BeatKing (Price: $1,000)

BeatKing, who has had a breakout year thanks to “Then Leave” blowing up on TikTok, charges $1,000 a video, which is easily the most expensive rapper Cameo you can buy. He currently only has one review. Jeff gave him five stars.

Juicy J (Price: $295)

Juicy J charges nearly $300 for a shoutout, which is pretty fair, considering you’re getting love from a Southern legend.

Snoop Dogg (Price: $900)

Snoop Dogg, who is not one to turn down a dollar, has a popular but pricey page on Cameo. A Snoop shoutout is going to run you $900. But fans seem to not mind the price: he has gotten over 100 five star reviews.


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