A Rapper Tries To Rob A Wingstop To Get Rick Ross’ Attention

A Rapper Tries To Rob A Wingstop To Get Rick Ross’ Attention

Source: Def Jam

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as an aspiring rapper named Cedric Miller, 23, tried to rob Rick Ross’ Wingstop.

In “you can’t believe it actually happened” news, a Wingstop on Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee was the sight of a robbery where the thief wasn’t trying to get some lemon pepper wings, but instead was trying to get Rick Ross’ attention.

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According to general manager Elma Allen, the violator, Cedric Miller, 23, was hoping to get a deal or some sort of cosign from Rick Ross, who is also one of the majority restaurant owners behind Wingstop.

Below, you can see the surveillance video of the incident, which took place last Friday night.

Miller was positively identified in a lineup of six people by a Wingstop employee. He was promptly arrested and detained. “That’s a ridiculous way to get someone’s attention,” customer Cameron Blaine said. “How are you going to get his attention after sitting in jail? It could [get his attention] but I don’t know if he is going to get signed if that’s the case. I doubt it,” customer Huron Wilson said.

Rick Ross has yet to comment on the situation.

Source: WREG

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