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Questlove and Funny or Die Share an Environmental PSA

Questlove and Funny or Die Share an Environmental PSA

Questlove and Funny or Die Share an Environmental PSA

The only logical response to cutbacks in EPA funding

Questlove and Funny or Die settle everyman problems with regular reason (impulsive tournament bracket picks, Wu-Tang-status television, ducking the greatest distraction artist of our time.)

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Their latest collaboration is in partnership with the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC,) delivering a funny-in-a-sad-way PSA on behalf of the environmental advocacy group. In the 90-second segment, The Roots drummer recounts the myriad manners in which the EPA works to enforce a strict standard of inspection of all natural resources, ensuring drinkable water, breathable air and uncontaminated produce for generations to come. And you know, at least attempting to decelerate the far-reaching effects of global warming. All of this, of course, comes down to a matter of dollars and cents, things the current administration does not deem the EPA worthy of. And that, as Questo puts it, is pretty fucked up.

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Watch Questlove deliver the environmental PSA we all need to hear above. Hit the link below to grease the wheels of change.




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