Pete Rock Calls Out Diddy For Labeling Bobby Brown The “Chocolate Boy Wonder”

During the BET Awards 2022, Diddy called Bobby Brown the “first Chocolate Boy Wonder.” Now producer Pete Rock claims that the title is his.

Pete Rock has taken offense after Diddy called Bobby Brown the “first Chocolate Boy Wonder” during the BET Awards 2022. During his Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech, Diddy gave Brown the “Chocolate Boy Wonder” title, leading to Rock clapping back on Instagram.

Sharing a since-deleted post where a Twitter user said “Pete Rock is the original Chocolate Boy Wonder. Stop playing,” Rock aired out his grievances against Diddy, even bringing up social encounters the two had in the ’90s.

“ERASURE IS A REAL THING we doing this to each other now???”  @bet @billboard We not alike. YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS KNOCK THIS OFF!! You are from 77 dell ave Mt.Vernon NY,” Rock said. “i know everything about you but i wouldnt call myself puff daddy when im THE REAL CHOCOLATE BOY WUNDA BOSS. You kinda came outta nowhere. Been in Mt. Vernon since the 1st grade all the way to graduating high school. I came up with the town.”

The legendary producer and turntablist apparently took the “Chocolate Boy Wonder” discredit personal, even bringing up when he was cut from The Notorious B.I.G.‘s 1995 “One More Chance” video.

“My brother Grap Luva taught you dance steps in your garage on dell ave. I touch drum machines and make the beats 4 REAL. You cant erase what i have done in music or try to take my name lol,” he added. “Everyone in hip hop knows who the chocolate boy wunda is. You brought biggie to the basement only to diss me later and not use me on any of his projects. You cut me out the ‘One More Chance’ video when BIG himself invited me. You got to where you wanted to be then shitted.”

Towards the end of the caption, Rock pointed out his contributions to hip-hop culture.

“My gift is from GOD the almighty mister puffy smh i made those hits 4real,” he continued. “There is no comparison dude. I been here before you. Dont let me go in on you cuz its alot there. Just knock it off with the chocboywunda shit man. im flattered tho bruh but you wanted my attention i guess ok now you got it. now use your own names.”

He added, “You got a few of em n-gga. P Diddy Puff Daddy & dat Brother Love shit. I never wanted nothing from you, but stop calling yourself by my name. Its copy written. You wanna be the chocboywunda you gotta pay for it FOH @diddy. What are you doing bro? smfh this is so corny lol. Wow! Im minding my business and doing what i gotta do for the culture of hip hop music. I’m still here by the grace of god.”

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