Jury Rules Officer Wayne Isaacs Not Guilty In Delrawn Small Road Rage Shooting

Jury Rules Officer Wayne Isaacs Not Guilty In Delrawn Small Road Rage Shooting

A Brooklyn jury decided that the off-duty NYPD officer who shot Delrawn Small three times in a road rage confrontation was justified.

Officer Wayne Isaacs is a free man after a jury in a Brooklyn Supreme Court cleared him of all charges related to the murder of Delrawn Small.
The incident, which took place on July 4, 2016, involved the off-duty NYPD officer and the Brooklyn father after a road rage incident on Atlantic Avenue. Feelings were hot as Isaacs was declared innocent of both murder and manslaughter charges on the third day of deliberations.

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“What the f–k! You’re a murderer!” shouted Black Lives Matter President Hawk Newsome. “This whole system is corrupt! You [jurors] all are murderers. How could you let him [go] free?” Isaacs, 38, testified on his own behalf that he opened fire after Small threatened to kill and punched him in the face.

Small’s girlfriend, Zaquanna Albert, testified during the trial that Officer Small cut them off on Atlantic Avenue moments before the deadly encounter. “No, that never happened,” said Isaacs. Small, 37, exited his car to confront Isaacs about his reckless driving at a red light, which resulted in Isaacs shooting Small three times within seconds of the latter approaching the former’s driver side window.

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According to NY Daily News, prosecutors failed to prove that Isaacs intentionally killed Small in cold blood.

This is the first murder case prosecuted by the Attorney’s General’s office under Gov. Cuomo’s 2015 executive order to investigate unarmed civilians killed at the hands of NYPD.

What progress.

Source: NY Daily News

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