MTA Is Changing How New Yorkers Ride Public Transportation

MTA Is Changing How New Yorkers Ride Public Transportation

MTA Is Changing How New Yorkers Ride Public Transportation

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The end of the Metrocard is approaching.

In New York City, the MTA is the mode of transportation for millions who live here. Taking the public bus or subway enables them to get to work, to family and around the expansive town known as the Big Apple. Over the past few years, these means of travel have been undergoing repair or whole end reconstruction after decades of neglect. With certain trains being put on hold during the weekend (such as the G or the L) and others out of commission, the MTA is looking to revamp how New Yorkers get on these methods of movement.

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The MTA is gearing up to announce a new fare payment system that will allow riders to tap their way into a subway stop or bus instead of swiping. This is already something that others outside of New York (such as in Washington, D.C.) can do, so it is a bit late for MTA to step up in New York. According to MTA, the company behind the original Metrocard will create the replacement item. This should make traversing around Gotham a bit easier, but there’s no word if it will be functioning any time soon.

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There will also be a variety of digital options for riders to pay their fare once the Metrocard goes the way of the token. Apple Pay, mobile apps, as well as contactless bank or MTA-issued cares will be just a few ways to pay. The new system will also cover fare payments on the commuter rail lines, Metro-North and the Long Island Railroad. If the contract is approved by the MTA board next week, riders can start using the new fare payment on 500 station turnstiles and 600 buses by the spring of 2019.

The system will be in place citywide by Sept. 2020, while Metrocards are expected to be completely phased out in 2023.

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