Mario Van Peebles' Horror-Themed Show, ‘Superstition,’ Gets New Night On Syfy

Mario Van Peebles' Horror-Themed Show, ‘Superstition,’ Gets New Night On Syfy

Mario Van Peebles Horror-Themed Show, ‘Superstition,’ Gets New Night On Syfy

Source: Syfy Channel

Arguably one of the most creative black forces of nature in Hollywood, Mario Van Peebles’ show, Superstition is moving to Thursdays on Syfy.

The name Mario Van Peebles is synonymous with culture. Hell, his father is arguably considered one of the forefathers of black cinema. With such stock and pedigree—see: New Jack City, Panther, BAADASSSSS!—it comes as no surprise that the multi-talented creative is back with another must-see project.

Superstition, which was also developed by Van Peebles, is a new horror-themed show on the Syfy channel. Centered around the Hastings family, this group of funeral home owners also acts as the keepers of La Rochelle, Georgia’s dark secrets and history. The mysterious town is home to haunted houses, graveyards, and a rich history of unusual phenomena.
With the show in its first season, expectations are high for it, which is why Syfy channel placed Superstition on a new night and time. Now, interested parties who love things that go bump in the shadows, can watch Superstition every Thursday at 11:00 p.m. / 10:00 p.m. CT.

In addition to Mario Van Peebles, Superstition stars Brad James, W. Earl Brown, Demetria McKinney, Diamond Dallas Page, Morgana Van Peebles, and newcomers T.C. Carter and Tatiana Lia Zappardino.

Check out the clip to see what you’re getting yourself into and support the Black Arts!

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