Louis Farrakhan Takes To Instagram To Say He ‘Did Not Kill Malcolm X’

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Fifty-three years ago, Malcolm X was assassinated while speaking at Harlem’s Audobon Ballroom. Following his death came numerous conspiracy theories about who killed the civil rights activist, including Louis Farrakhan, the current leader of the religious movement the Nation of Islam.

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Two days prior to the anniversary Farrakhan took to Instagram to deny the claims while also posting a video of himself discussing the last conversation he had with X prior to his death.

“The enemy is so frightened that Black people listen to Farrakhan that they put it out that Farrakhan had something to do with the murder of Malcolm X,” Farrakhan wrote in the caption. “Don’t you know as much as they hate me, if they had any proof that I did something like that, don’t you know they would take me off the street in the twinkling of an eye and bury me under the jail?”

In the video, Farrakhan also reveals what X told him before his assassination.

“He said to me, ‘Brother Louis, I wish it was you being an example for me rather than me being an example for you,'” Farrakhan said. “He knew that I was going to ascend to his position.”

This isn’t the first time Farrakhan has addressed such claims. In 1993, Farrakhan seemed to imply that the nation of Islam played a part in X’s death.

“Was Malcolm your traitor or ours? And if we dealt with him like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours,” he said during a speech. “A nation has to be able to deal with traitors and cutthroats and turncoats.”

In a 60 Minutes in 2000, Farrakhan denied that he ordered the assassination on X, but did say that some things he said may have led to the activist’s death.

“I may have been complicit in words that I spoke,” he said. “I acknowledge that and regret that any word that I have said caused the loss of life of a human being.”

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