Longtime Ice Cube Collaborator Sir Jinx Sues Him For Unpaid Royalties

Sir Jinx says he’s produced nearly 30 tracks in total for Ice Cube.

On Monday, TMZ reported that Ice Cube is being sued by longtime producer Sir Jinx. The two began their music careers in the mid-1980s in the group Cru’ in Action (otherwise known as Stereo Crew). Jins, government name Anthony Wheaton, claims that the lawsuit is his last resort. According to Jinx, his attempts to speak with Cube personally were unsuccessful.

Jinx says he produced as many as 28 songs for Cube dating back to his 1990 debut, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted. Notable tracks include “No Vaseline,” “The Funeral,” “It’s a Man’s World,” and more. It wasn’t until 2019 that Jinx realized he wasn’t being paid the proper royalties. He’s currently asking a judge to award damages of over $100,000.

A source close to Ice Cube says the rapper has loaned Jinx money on multiple occasions and hasn’t been paid back. The two haven’t worked together since 2010, when they got together (along with Jayo Felony and WC) for “Life in California” from Cube’s I Am the West album. That year, Jinx told HipHopDX he hadn’t spoken with Cube throughout the track’s creation, and opened up about how their relationship changed.

“When you see how the moguls of today, how they treat everybody, you just gotta get in line,” he said. “It’s a million people that wanna give him beats. And when I wanna give him a beat maybe my beat might cost a little more… But I don’t know how he makes his music anymore. So I just sit and do what I’m supposed to do as a producer and send him beats – for the love of Hip Hop… And I just wanted to continue that, but I guess the formula that he has around him doesn’t – it’s no room for Sir Jinx… He must have something inside of him that wants to work with Jinx, but it’s just not his faith, body and mind.”

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