Lil Cease Speaks on Biggie Wanting Nas on Tupac Diss “The Ugliest”

In a new interview, Lil Cease spoke on Biggie dissing 2Pac on unreleased track “The Ugliest” and wanting a verse from Nas and Busta Rhymes.

The legend of The Notorious B.I.G. is never-ending. This time, Lil Cease put his two cents in during a recent interview on The Art of Dialogue where the former Junior M.A.F.I.A. member spoke on Biggie taking aim at 2Pac on the unreleased track “The Ugliest”. According to Cease, Biggie wanted verses from Nas and Busta Rhymes on the J. Dilla-produced cut.

Tension between Biggie and 2Pac reached a fever pitch after Pac released 1996 B-cut “Hit Em Up”. Cease explained that Big’s response on JAY-Z song “Brooklyn’s Finest” was in good jest.

“Big wasn’t gon put forth a full effort into a whole full song dissing 2Pac. Big was kinda more like just sprinkling on it,” Lil Cease explained. “On the JAY-Z Record: ‘Faith had twins, she probably had two Pacs. Get it?’ He was kinda like, ‘Yeah I’m letting you know I’m aware of it, but I’ma have fun with it and I’m not gonna say too much,’ ‘cause Big didn’t really want to make it that. He didn’t want to add too much fuel to it. That wasn’t Big’s energy but he would definitely tap into some lines sometimes just to let him know, I hear you. And if it comes down to just a rap battle and things like that, Big was all up for that.”

Big was also up for nabbing Nas and Busta on “The Ugliest”, which was originally planned to appear on Busta’s 1996 debut album The Coming. Cease also revealed that Method Man was also slated to be on the track.

“It was supposed to be Busta Rhymes, Nas, and Big,” Cease recalled. “Nobody did their verse after Big did his. Nobody laid their verse on it. The song just got pushed away,” Cease recalled. “Me, Method Man, and Nas was in the session, and nobody wanted to lay their verses until Biggie came in the session,” Busta told The Ringer. “When Biggie did eventually come — because Nas and Meth showed up for two sessions and Biggie didn’t — Nas and Meth didn’t come back.”

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