Latasha Alcindor’s ‘All A Dream’ To Debut at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust on Aug. 19

Latasha Alcindor’s ‘All A Dream’ To Debut at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust on Aug. 19

by Kevito
3 years ago

Source: Latasha Alcindor

One of hip-hop’s most imaginative artists, Latasha Alcindor, is producing her first production, All A Dream, which debuts on Aug. 19th.

Latasha Alcindor is an artist, a rapper, a singer, a performer and a dreamer. Utilizing these skills and attributes to entertain and educate the masses, the force also known as L.A. has produced her first ensemble production event titled, All A Dream. With the trailer-slash-call-to-action able to be viewed below, Latasha has gathered a cast to tell an anecdote about growing up with change and trauma.

Encompassing music from Latasha’s 2017 albums, BLAK and Teen Nite @ Empire, All A Dream is “a visual and musically-led memoir of Alcindor’s deep-rooted upbringing in New York City. I even remember when I first got to Gotham and I saw her standing out at a warehouse party in Billysburg that L.A. had all the ingredients to be all that and then some.

Source: Latasha Alcindor

All A Dream is an insightful and inclusive look at the life of a native New Yorker of color who addresses social issues and self-identity. “The hope is to leave the audience with a genuine understanding of the human experience in the scope of the other,” L.A. said in a released statement. “At the root, my soul has been seeking a new avenue to tell my truths, and creating hip-hop performance art allowed me to be open in a new world.”

Walk with Latasha Alcindor by pressing play on the trailer below. Cop tickets for All A Dream here for $10-$20 + be ready when it hits National Sawdust (80 N. 6th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.) on Aug. 19 at 9:00 p.m.

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