Larry David on That One Time He Lost $120 to Barack Obama in a Round of Golf

Larry David on That One Time He Lost $120 to Barack Obama in a Round of Golf

When a king of comedy and the leader of the free world square-up on the putting green

I don’t know much about golf or why only really wealthy people seem to enjoy sitting through it, but it does appear to be a prevalent common denominator between powerful people across a fairly vast array of industries. Like a 100-acre round-table with perfectly manicured shrubs and randomly-plotted pits of sand.

So it’s not necessarily a shocking thing to learn that at some point a renowned comedian and writer like Larry David might meet, say, the most powerful man in the world, President Barack Obama, on the links.

That they’d develop some sort of ongoing relationship by way of this insufferably boring sport is pretty absurd in premise, and apparently pretty costly in practice, according to a recent interview with the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator, enjoying a raving response to the show’s ninth season. And the press run shows it.

Sitting opposite of Rich Eisen on the NFL Network commentator’s ATT Audience Network show, David detailed one of his more recent bouts with the president, and how Obama’s “whines” on the putting green secured an even $120 from David’s wallet just the other week. Even on the green, the man gets it done, despite Larry’s very Larry refusal of any special treatment towards people in just about any position of power. Something he may have picked up when he had to break it to Yankee’s owner, George Steinbrenner, that his performance on Seinfeld didn’t make the cut, which is also detailed after a bit of baseball bullshitting (a sport equally hard-to-watch) earlier in the interview.

Watch the full interview above.



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