The 10 Biggest NBA Storylines For The 2017-2018 Season

The 10 Biggest NBA Storylines For The 2017-2018 Season

The 10 Biggest NBA Storylines For The 2017-2018 Season

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With the regular season starting tonight (Oct. 17), this year’s batch of NBA storylines go from the asinine to the downright shady (“Kyrie vs. LeBron”).

Game time, beaches! Tonight is the day one where TK teams all race to become an addition to the pages of basketball history. With a jam-packed slate on the TV playbill, we are (much like you) ecstatic in the return of NBA basketball. This off season was one of the wildest, most head-turning events in recent memory. If you were somewhere reading a book (yay for you!) or not watching the NFL debacle (amen!) then you might’ve heard that some big changes happened across the basketball world.

Carmelo Anthony left the miserable New York Knicks to re-find basketball glory in Oklahoma alongside Russell Westbrook and signed free agent, Paul GeorgeJimmy Butler was a coveted asset as multiple teams wanted him and crossover gawd Jamal Crawford. The two settled with the Minnesota Timberwolves to join the young one-two punch known as Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. Hell, even Kevin Durant was caught out here, trolling people on Twitter with a fake account. In the end, the mega-blockbuster-holy-sheet news involved LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

After shockingly wanting to get out of Cleveland (where the team went to the NBA Finals for the past three years) — the word on the curb was that Uncle Drew wanted to be no. 2 no more. The basketball overlords concocted a brilliant plan for us TV hounds: trade Kyrie to Boston—an arch-nemesis to LeBron James and his Cavaliers. Mined for television gold, tonight’s first game—the Cavaliers versus the Celtics—is must see action at its finest. Yet, that is not all the NBA has in store this year.

With all that said, before you tune in to tonight’s festivities, we ask for you to check out these 10 other big NBA storylines for the 2017-2018 season. If you agree, disagree or just want to talk hoops with us, be sure to let us know your thoughts @Okayplayer. Enjoy!

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