Killer Mike On Gun Ownership Support With The NRA: “In Wakanda, Everyone Had Guns”

Killer Mike On Gun Ownership Support With The NRA: “In Wakanda, Everyone Had Guns”

"15 Miles Out Of Atlanta, I'm Afraid Of Being Murdered" - Killer Mike Is Enraged, And Rightfully So

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Killer Mike has been a long time advocate for gun ownership and says in this new NRA video that he’s discouraged his children from participating in gun protest walkouts.

Killer Mike has appeared in a new video from the National Rifle Association to share his support on gun ownership. Sitting down with NRA TV host and guns rights activist Colion Noir, the Run the Jewels rapper said to anyone listening, “You can’t continue to be the lackey,” referring to the left-leaning individuals who espouse anti-gun viewpoints. “You’re a lackey of the progressive movement, because you’ve never disagreed with the people who tell you what to do.”

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Later on in the almost-seven-minute video, Killer Mike openly says that he discouraged his children from participating in the mass walkouts conducted by students in protest of gun violence. “I told my kids on the school walkout: ‘I love you—if you walk out that school, walk out my house…’ We are not a family that jumps on every single thing an ally of ours does, because some stuff we just don’t agree with.”

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The Monster MC closes out the interview by saying, “We are raising a generation of kids where everyone gets a trophy. But in real life, everyone don’t get a trophy. In real life, depending on where you live, you’re not gonna have the time to try to logic your way out of something.” With the video now generating some traction two days after being posted, many on Twitter and social media are beginning to take umbrage with the Atlanta rapper-activist for seemingly siding with the NRA.

While this is not the first time Killer Mike has shown support to the NRA, this is clearly catching people’s attention. Watch the full video below and read a few quips as to what the people think about his partnership with the NRA underneath that.


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