UPDATE: Killer Mike Apologizes For Controversial NRA Interview

UPDATE: Killer Mike Apologizes For Controversial NRA Interview

Killer Mike On Gun Ownership Support With The NRA: “In Wakanda, Everyone Had Guns”

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After initially defending his participation in the NRA interview, Killer Mike uploaded two apology videos for the March For Our Lives protesters.

Killer Mike has rethought the commentary being thrown his way after cutting a controversial video with NRA TV about the gun control debate and apologized to the organizers of the March For Our Lives protests. Uploading two apology videos to Twitter on Sunday (March 26) with the caption: “I hope this clears some stuff up. Love and Respect to all,” Mike explained himself to those who would listen in an attempt to share just why he sat down with the NRA in the first place.

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Mike started off by commenting on one of his favorite inspirations, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and tied that into his own position of sitting down with people he “might not normally agree with” when he did the NRA interview. He also stated that he wasn’t pleased to see the NRA use the video to discredit the March For Our Lives protests, a movement he says that he actually supports. “I did an interview about black gun ownership in this era,” he said. “That interview was used a week later by NRA TV to disparage a very noble campaign that I actually support.”

“I’m sorry that an interview I did about a minority—black people in this country—and gun rights was used as a weapon against you guys. That was unfair to you, and it was wrong, and it disparaged some very noble work [that] you’re doing.”

“As your ally, I want to say that many of the people I organize with were at that march,” Mike added. “I’m a friend and an advocate to you all. To the young people, especially, who are self-motivated and self-organized, I am an ally and an advocate for you always.”

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The second video found Killer Mike explaining that the NRA video wasn’t supposed to be about the March For Our Lives protests when he agreed to to do it. “My interview with [the NRA] was supposed to be something that continued the conversation or that helped the conversation happen that I felt needed to happen. And that conversation is about African American gun ownership.” He continued, “It should never have been used in contrast to your march, and I think it’s wrong. To the young people who worked tirelessly to organize, I’m sorry adults chose to do this. I’m sorry NRA TV did that.”

The 42-year-old rapper received much of the backlash for telling the NRA, “I told my kids on the school walkout, ‘I love you, [but] if you walk out that school, walk out my house.’” Making it clear that he supports the Parkland students who organize the marches, as well as everyone else who participated, Killer Mike made sure that they, too, heard his apology, saying, “We’re willing to follow your lead. Lead the way. I do support the march. And I support black people owning guns. It’s possible to do both. I wanted to make sure that my words were heard. I wanted to make sure I was clear with what I was saying. And I wanted to make sure that you knew what I did had nothing to do with disparaging you. I love and respect you all. I love and respect you and commend you for your work. Keep marching for our lives. Keep pushing on.”

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The Run the Jewels MC, Killer Mike, has been heavily blasted after participating in a NRA interview, and now, he has addressed his critics on Twitter.

Killer Mike shocked the black community and the larger populace after participating in an interview about the gun control debate and black people’s place within it with the National Rifle Association’s 24-hour network. The backlash came from regular citizens, celebrated individuals such as JPEGMAFIA and Vic Mensa, and resulted in the MC becoming a trending topic on Twitter on Saturday (March 24). Instead of shying away or doubling down on his rhetoric, ignoring the debate (see: Tomi Lahren), Mike addressed his critics directly on Twitter.

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Spending quite a bit of time online defending himself and his position, Mike responded to critics about his decision to appear in a NRA propaganda video and his stances on gun ownership. According to the Atlanta rapper, he was willing to use the NRA platform if his message could just impact the mind and heart of just one black member. “I think CNN and Fox are viewpoint propaganda machines,” he noted. “I have appeared on both. My concerns are with the blacks in America living under domestic terror that no one seems to wanna address.”

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Outside of the controversy over appearing on NRA TV, Mike has made it crystal clear that he was against any form of gun control or gun reform in America. In his opinion, the issue was more a matter of black Americans being able to defend themselves over the concern of just who could get a weapon or lack of background checks. As mentioned above, prominent activists, regular Twitter users and hip-hop acts spoke out in opposition to Killer Mike’s thoughts. Vic Mensa directly challenged him to a debate, specifically wanting to discuss the issues of the AR-15 rifle. JPEGMAFIA blasted him for allowing the NRA to “push faux diversity” without addressing the deaths of black gun owners like Philando Castile.

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