Kenneka Jenkins' Death In Chicago Hotel Freezer Has Been Ruled An Accident

Kenneka Jenkins' Death In Chicago Hotel Freezer Has Been Ruled An Accident

Chicago Teenager Kenneka Jenkins Found Dead In Hotel Freezer

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An autopsy on Chicago teenager Kenneka Jenkins has revealed that she died of hypothermia from exposure to cold conditions.

Along with that came a toxicology report that found alcohol, caffeine and an epilepsy/migraine medication in Jenkins’ system, according to Time magazine. The Cook County medical examiner concluded her death was an accident. Jenkins’ body was originally found in a walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois, on September 10. The teen was attending a party at the hotel and was found almost 24 hours later after relatives had reported her missing.

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A few weeks ago it was revealed that surveillance footage of Jenkins walking into the freezer did not exist and that a camera does not even face the freezer. The details were revealed as attorneys for Jenkins’ family toured the hotel. However, a video was released that shows Jenkins stumbling throughout the hotel before eventually ending up in the kitchen.

Tereasa Martin, Jenkins’ mother, recently renewed protests against the hotel. She also called for authorities to “release the tape,” referring to hotel surveillance footage that showed Jenkins staggering around the hotel before making her way into the kitchen where the freezer was. The renewed protest follows the public funeral that took place for Jenkins recently, in which over a thousand people attended, and less than a week after Martin called for the protest to stop after she claimed that an activist close to the demonstrations was profiting off her daughter’s death.

Source: time.com

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