‘The Get Down’ Star Justice Smith To Star In “Pokemon” Film, “Detective Pikachu”

‘The Get Down’ Star Justice Smith To Star In “Pokemon” Film, “Detective Pikachu”

by Kevito
3 years ago


Source: Netflix

Based on the titular character, Pikachu from Pokemon, Justice Smith will play one of the leads in the Legendary-produced film, Detective Pikachu.

Pokemon has spawned more than 295 million video games sold worldwide, 23.6 billion TCG cards shipped to 74 countries, and an animated series spanning 20 seasons. There isn’t anywhere in the world you couldn’t go to where Pokemon and its star pocket monster, Pikachu, aren’t mentioned or fawned over in some way.

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Now, Legendary Films, a company adept at finding the next big thing, has brought on Rob Letterman to direct the project’s first-ever live-action Pokemon film titled Detective Pikachu. Universal Pictures will handle distribution, while they have tapped The Get Down star Justice Smith to lead the project.

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Smith, who starred as “Books” on the Baz Luhrmann-created hip-hop series for Netflix, was handpicked by the director to lead the musical drama series. His performance on that led to Universal and director J.A. Bayona to bring him on board for Detective Pikachu and the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie.

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