Judge Genece Brinkley Has Granted Meek Mill An Appeal Hearing

Judge Genece Brinkley Has Granted Meek Mill An Appeal Hearing

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Meek Mill’s legal team filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition which has led to the judge granting him an appeal hearing.

You read that correctly: Meek Mill is getting an appeal hearing.

The Philadelphia rapper’s legal team filed what’s called a PCRA petition, or better yet, a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition, in Pennsylvania. This is his latest attempt to get his sentence turned over and released from jail. In the petition, and as we reported yesterday, two colleagues of Officer Reginald Graham — Jerold Gibson and Jeffery Walker — confirm the officer lied about Meek’s original 2007 arrest.

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Meek’s defense attorneys allege that Graham lied under oath and that their client was wrongfully convicted. They are now in the process of filing a motion for bail. Reportedly, Graham’s reputation is highly questionable with the Philadelphia DA’s office, as he has a history of lying. “Officer Graham frequently misused confidential informants and fabricated the alleged probable cause for search warrants. He also lied about the justification for warrantless searches,” it reads in the court documents. “Officer Graham frequently stole and kept money that he recovered during searches and arrests.”

Meek’s post-conviction relief appeal is scheduled for this coming April. Let’s hope that it is successful.


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