Howard Stern Speaks On Why Trump Called His Daughter A “10” With David Letterman

Howard Stern Speaks On Why Trump Called His Daughter A “10” With David Letterman

Howard Stern Speaks On Why Trump Calling His Daughter A “10” With David Letterman

Source: Netflix Media Center

Watch the first clip from David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction as Howard Stern shares the nitty-gritty on Donald Trump.

David Letterman’s Netflix talk show series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, has been a solid and in-depth look at the movers and shakers of the free world. His most recent musical chat with Jay-Z, found the twosome commenting on what makes a rapper a star, his mother’s admission of being a member of the LGBT community, and how life has been for him post-Lemonade. And now, Letterman returns to the world of media by sitting down with self-proclaimed “King of All Media,” Howard Stern.

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In this new clip for his newest episode, the forthcoming interview will surely be ranked amongst many Letterman fans as one of the best. Learning so much new information that one might not have known before, Stern and Letterman, two titans of New York City media, build on the huge orange, coiffured-challenged leader of the country, Donald Trump, and what made him such a “great” guest on Stern’s show, which you can see below.

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Yes, you saw that with your own two eyes, and you can’t take it back. Stern shared with the Netflix viewing audience why the 45th cheater-and-thief referred to his daughter as a “10”. Over a conversation about beauty in the entertainment industry, Trump calls actress Angelina Jolie a “7,” before sharing his thoughts on who is really a 10 in his book. “You know who really is a great beauty? My daughter, Ivanka! Now she’s a 10!”

Of course, just in case you think it never happened, Stern has the facts on record.

This promises to be one for the ages. Maybe even Trump will take out his trusty cell phone to tweet “sad,” “Make America Great Again,” or other Trump-isms after the full episode airs globally on Netflix on Thursday, May 31.

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