George Hofstetter’s “CopStop” App Promises To Help With Police Brutality

George Hofstetter’s “CopStop” App Promises To Help With Police Brutality

George Hofstetter’s “CopStop” App Promises To Help With Police Brutality

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This 17-year-old developer aims to protect black-and-brown people from the tragic fates met by Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland with his app.

In this technologically advanced generation, humankind has learned how to convert electricity to power cars, create robot vacuum cleaners and fly back-and-forth to space without missing a beat. So, why is it that we haven’t figured out how to end racism? Or police brutality? Well, thanks to the ingenuity of one smart 17-year-old named George Hofstetter, we might at least be able to protect ourselves from ending up like the Eric Garner’s of the world.

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Hofstetter, who like any young teen that age, has been told by his parents, family members and well-natured black-and-brown neighbors to “keep your head on a swivel.” What this means is: keep an eye out for the police or anyone who wants to do your black body harm. The talk means something different for black-and-brown kids than it does for whites. In addition to sex, keeping your money right and grooming habits — POC parents have to give practical advice (“Keep your hands where they can see them”) and tools (“Use the Voice Memos on your phone”) to ensure that you can avoid ending up in jail or worse, dead.

To circumvent “the talk” and to make learning more 21st century like, George developed an app called CopStop, which reminds users how to politely and respectfully deal with the police. The Oakland, California high school senior is close to bringing the app live to the public thanks to his own tech company, George Hofstetter Technologies Inc. With growing interest in surveilling the police, Hofstetter has gained knowledge and applied it to his community by creating web-and-mobile applications centered around social justice.

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From becoming an honoree of the Equal Justice Society to his most current project, a social networking app that connects black folks attending predominately white private school (“Connect The Dots”) — George Hofstetter has a future fueled by #BlackExcellence and #BlackBoyJoy.

Watch the video below and click here for more information about George’s path to greatness:

Source: Blavity

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