Freddie Gibbs on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ is Just as Chaotic as You’d Expect

Freddie Gibbs is the latest guest on the world’s most popular podcast.

On Wednesday, Spotify released the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience. This time around, Grammy-nominated MC Freddie Gibbs and Brian Moses, creator of Comedy Central’s Roast Battle joined Rogan for the show. Stream the full episode on Spotify below.

As expected, the conversation covered a ton of bases. The three spoke about drug legalization, drug policing, and much more. About an hour into the conversation, the conversation turned to movies. After discussing Matthew McConaughey and Shia LaBeouf’s body transformations for Dallas Buyers Club and The Tax Collector, Freddie (jokingly) took aim at 50 Cent.

“50 Cent did that s–t and it was trash though,” he said, referencing the 2011 Mario van Peebles film All Things Fall Apart. “Nobody watched that s–t. He bounced back with Power though.”

For the entire 256-minute runtime, the conversation takes dozens of twists and turns. Unsurprisingly, Freddie also spoke about the election and new presidential administration. The conversation turned to a controversial 2019 quote from Joe Biden. Rogan pointed to the infamous 1994 crime bill, to which Gibbs countered with the three-strikes law developed in California.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Gibbs said, “I don’t think Trump should be president anymore. But we gotta look at these two motherf—ers we elected. We just elected two police.”

Gibbs has an eventful few weeks ahead of him. On March 14th, he’ll look to win his first Grammy award for Alfredo, his collaboration with The Alchemist. Stay tuned for further updates.

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